Free-run chicken and award winning sausage

Sustainably raised, hand processed, family run

Our birds have access to spacious roaming areas, filtered water, top-quality feed, sunshine and fresh air. We want our birds to be happy and healthy, so it's important to us that they have lots of space. We will be available online, in-store (our farm store), select retailers, wineries and our local farmers market. See you there!

Meet your farmers

Hans is a third generation farmer, and grew up doing chores and participating in farm life. He purchased his first farm at 19 years old and farmed commercially for twenty-five years. In 2011, we made a huge change, selling our commercial farm and building our dream from the ground up in Canada. Today we've turned our attention to sustainable farming in Texas, providing the same quality standard and ethical practices as we always have.


We process our product by hand, on our farm. It's important for many reasons - animals don't like to travel long distances and we can guarantee that processing is ethical and pain free.

Sustainably Raised

Our animals have access to fresh air, sunshine and filtered water. They are free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics or medication of any kind.

Community First

We are building a symbiotic relationship with customers and suppliers, with the goal to enrich the local community within a 100 mile distance of our farm.