About our product

  • How much time have you got…?   Our farming philosophy centers around a low-stress life for our birds.  This means they’re happy chickens, which results in a higher quality product.  We raise relatively small batches of birds and process each one by hand on-farm.  This means that there is no water soak or soy-water injection, resulting in less shrinkage, better flavour and better texture.  We use a locally made, vegetarian, medication-free feed, which helps our birds to stay healthy and happy.  There are so many reasons why our chicken is awesome, and we love to talk to people about it.  If you’d like more information, call or email us and we can fill you in!

Other questions

  • You can buy our products at our on-farm store, at our booth Kelowna Farmers’ Market, or from one of our awesome retail partners.  We are just working on options for shipping, so stay tuned for that!